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Animation, Doodle Videos, Sketch and Whiteboard Videos software pricing

A software pricing comparison on animation software, as for doodle videos, sketch videos or whiteboard videos. [table id=8 /] I also found this good comparison: I tried (free trial): Animaker: easy get started guide, for example “product explainer”. Multimove is cool, for example explaning the flow of an email. Person mood swings are also easy to set up. Multiple camera object - looks like a movie! Typography videos are also nice to make with an added “handwriting” effect.

Hostgator private SSL price comparison (as per Aug.2014)

Here I’d like to publish my Hostgator private SSL price comparison. This informations, especially the prices are as per August 2014!

I’m running a website hosted on Hostgator. In my oppinion, a great website hoster!

Now I’d like to extend my site with a SSL certificate to secure my website. Therefore I’d like to have a Hostgator private SSL certificate.

There a two reasons:

1.) Confidential information will only be given and read by the appropriate receiver as he is the only one who can understand it

2.) Google has recently released news that they are boosting the rankings for websites that have been secured with an “SSL Certificate”. I’d like my site going to get a boost, otherwise my competitors use this opportunity to jump up in the ranks!

Hostgator therefore offers different hosting packages, some already incluse a private SSL certificate, others don’t.

On a Hostgator Baby Package, costs for a private SSL certificate are on USD 183.35 per year

Please keep in mind that an SSL installed on the baby package would still be invoiced $2.00 per month for the dedicated ip address, which is required in addition to the SSL certificate if it is to be installed.

The RapidSSL is FREE with purchase of a Business Plan; $39.95 with a Baby Plan

DE: Neuer IT Job in Aussicht: Unbedingt den Einstellungstest üben

Ein neuer IT Job in Aussicht? Heutzutags werden immer mehr auch Einstellungstest verlangt. Also mein Tipp: Den Einstellungstest üben!

Ok, sicherlich kann nicht vorausgesehen werden was nun genau bei der Einstellung getestet wird. Jedoch sind beispielsweise bei IT Einstellungstests meist Logiktests gefragt. Also Tests zur Ermittlung der Kompetenz zur logischen Denkweise. Dies bedeuet im Normafall: Matrizentests!

Hier gibt’s eine Seite zum Matrizentest online für den Einstellungstest üben.

Grundsätzlich folgen die Matrizentests immer in etwa demselben Schema. Die kleine Kunst ist nur die Regel des jeweiligen Testfalls zu erkennen. Sicherlich wird man diese “irgendwann” erkennen. Meist hat man jedoch für 25 Aufgaben so ca. 25 Minuten Zeit zur Verfügung.

D: SAQ/ISTQB Certified Software Tester (Foundation Level): Ausbildungs- und Seminarangebot Schweiz


Die oben aufgeführte SAQ/ISTQB Certified Software Tester (Foundation Level) Seminarkosten sind meist exkl. MWST. Die Preisangaben sind ohne Gewähr und dienen nur zu Vergleichzwecken. Die aufgeführten Seminarpreise haben wir den verlinkten Anbeiterseiten per Mai 2012 entnommen.

D: Weltbild Tablet - welche Infos dazu im Internet aufzufinden sind (Nuetzung Google Kalender)

Es geht um den Weltbild Tablet PC mit aktuell Android 2.3 – dieses günstige Tablet kostet zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt nur CHF 199.- oder so ca. EUR 159.- …. offenbar ein im Bereich Low  Budget Tablets eine echte Innovation!

Wir würden es hauptsächlich benötigen um unsere Papier-Agenda durch den Google Kalender abzulösen. Zudem haben wir noch Samsung Galaxy S2 Handy’s, auf denen wir den Google Kalender auch nützen können. Papierkalender ade!

Aber taugt das Weltbild Tablet dazu?

How save is DroidSheepGuard (against smartphone session hijacking apps)?

Yesterday on German TV, a smartphone session hijacking app has been introduced (provided by cydia). “Stern TV” showed us on how a smartphone session can be hijacked easily when being logged in a public WLAN. With this app, it seems to be possible to spy out other smartphones, IPhones and Notebooks within the same WLAN (Spy-App / Spionage-App). So a personal Facebook account can be taken over by a stranger.

On the programers hompage I can read: was developed as a tool for testing the security of your accounts and is based on my Bachelor thesis with title “Session Hijacking on Android Devices”.

Ok, this is fine. But why is it so easy to create such a smartphone hijack app Annoyed ? Searching the web I found several other packet sniffer apps. With all of them, hijacking within a open public WLAN is possible!

Adwords Average Cost Per Click (CPC) - Adsense Earnings

Interesting situation when checking today’s adsense earnings – the adwords average cost per click extremely divergences.

  • As seen below, today’s adsense revenue is on EUR 14.03
  • Yesterday’s adsense revenue is only on EUR 5.25 (this is only 1/3 of today’s adsense revenue)

Actually this is no problem, but look at the page views and click counter. There is almost the same amount of page views and clicks yesterday and today.

The important value here is the adwords average cost per click (CPC):

  • Today’s CPC is on EUR 0.52
  • Yesterday’s CPC is only EUR 0.26

Easy Florida - Internetradio

I wondered about due diligence and virtual data room

Two days ago I wondered about due diligence meaning and virtual data room providers.

So, a virtual data room provider offers an alternative to the physical data room involves the setting up of a virtual data room in the form of an extranet to which the bidders and their advisers are given access via the internet. An extranet is essentially an Internet site with limited controlled access, using a secure log-on supplied by the vendor, which can be disabled at any time, by the vendor if a bidder withdraws.

Daily News Files

Currenty I’m checking every day for interesting news… Or do you use an RSS Reader? Maybe I’ll create a daily news site like News-File-Folder. Should be no problem, I think …