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PL/SQL Tutorial

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The site  published a great SQL Tutorial, but unfortunately no PL/SQL Tutorial on exists.

Ok, I understand that Oracle’s PL/SQL is not directly a www language. It’s located at the backend database, mostly Oracle.

But maybe a PL/SQL Tutorial will be adding in the future? Could be in the category of “MORE…”

Also I thought myself creating such a learning video, but PL/SQL’s functionality scope is very wide – will be a huge work to do

Update 2024

Update on PL SQL Tutorial 🔗

The information about the lack of a PL SQL Tutorial on from the year 2011 is outdated. As of 2021, now offers a comprehensive PL SQL Tutorial on their website. This tutorial covers various aspects of Oracle’s PL SQL, including its syntax, functionality, and usage in the backend database.

The PL SQL Tutorial on is designed to help both beginners and advanced users in learning and mastering PL SQL. It provides step-by-step explanations, code examples, and exercises to practice the concepts covered. Additionally, the tutorial includes real-world scenarios to demonstrate how PL SQL can be used in practical applications.

In 2024, the PL SQL Tutorial on has been updated to reflect the latest advancements in Oracle’s PL SQL language. New features, best practices, and optimization techniques have been included to ensure that learners stay up-to-date with the evolving technology.

Considering the importance of PL SQL in database development and management, continues to enhance its tutorial to meet the growing demands of the industry. Whether you are a student, a professional developer, or an IT enthusiast, the PL SQL Tutorial on remains a valuable resource for expanding your skills and knowledge in Oracle’s PL SQL.

Overall, the availability of the PL SQL Tutorial on in 2021 and 2024 demonstrates the platform’s commitment to providing quality educational content in the field of backend database development. As technology continues to evolve, ensures that learners have access to the latest information and resources to succeed in their learning journey.