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Animation, Doodle Videos, Sketch and Whiteboard Videos software pricing

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A software pricing comparison on animation software, as for doodle videos, sketch videos or whiteboard videos.

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I also found this good comparison:


I tried (free trial):

Animaker: easy get started guide, for example “product explainer”. Multimove is cool, for example explaning the flow of an email. Person mood swings are also easy to set up. Multiple camera object - looks like a movie! Typography videos are also nice to make with an added “handwriting” effect. I’ve created a one minute animation within one hour (as I’m a perfectionist), but on the free trial version, I can only deploy it to youtube, it’s not possible to download the animation on the free plan. I would have to switch to a payed plan. Animaker is kind of slow in my browser. Sometimes when I click, it takes 1-2 seconds until the object is highlighted, in my oppinion, that’s way too long.

PowToon: easy clicking, some nice “explainer” animation template, right for use.

Explee: as it’s the cheapest sketchbook animation tool, I give it a try.

Animatron: Looks very professional, also on the fee trial plan, an export to html5 is possible.

Renderforest: Easy to use, nice and cool templates and scenes. Very fast interaction, no delays. Good feature: showing each change I’ve made, and let me simply revert (undo). But on the other hand, a very low functionallity, but it might be enough for some people. It takes way too long to render a video for preview - up to 30 sec. for only previewing my little work?

Sparkol VideoScribe, downloaded and installed on my pc, easy. Basic/Free plan allows up to 5 video and exports. No simple learning help, but quiet self explaining.

Update 2024

Update on Animation Software Pricing Comparison 🔗

A software pricing comparison on animation software for doodle videos, sketch videos, or whiteboard videos was done in 2011. The comparison included tools like Animaker, Multimove, PowToon, Explee, Animatron, Renderforest, and Sparkol VideoScribe. However, it is important to note that software and technology have evolved significantly over the past few years, and there have been updates and changes to these tools.

In 2024, the landscape of animation software pricing has seen some shifts. Many of the tools mentioned in the comparison have updated their pricing plans, features, and performance. Animaker, for example, has improved its browser speed and added new functionalities to its platform. Users can now easily create animations with faster rendering times and smoother interactions.

Similarly, tools like PowToon and Renderforest have introduced more templates, scenes, and customization options for users to create professional-looking animations. The rendering times have also been optimized to reduce wait times for previews and exports. Additionally, user interfaces have been updated to provide a more seamless experience for both beginners and advanced users.

One of the notable changes in the animation software landscape is the introduction of new players in the market. Software like Vyond has gained popularity for its advanced features, flexibility, and ease of use. Users looking for alternatives to traditional animation tools have found Vyond to be a valuable option for creating engaging animated videos.

Overall, the animation software market in 2024 offers a wider range of choices for users, with more advanced features, improved performance, and competitive pricing plans. Whether you are a beginner looking to create simple doodle videos or a professional animator working on complex projects, there are tools available to suit your needs and budget.

As technology continues to advance, it is important to stay updated on the latest developments in animation software to make informed decisions about the tools you use for your projects. With the right software and resources, creating high-quality animations has never been easier. 2024 brings new possibilities and opportunities for creators to bring their ideas to life through the power of animation software.