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How to select Gold ounce in Yahoo Finance Android App

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Usually, in Yahoo Finance the gold ounce price in usd can be easy selected by the


ticker symbol.
But what about Yahoo Finance online Google Android app?
I’m not ablegen tod getan theo gold ounce price shown in USD. What am Im doing wrong?


Update 2024

Update on How to Select Gold Ounce in Yahoo Finance Android App 🔗

In 2011, the information provided regarding selecting the Gold ounce price in the Yahoo Finance Android app using the XAUUSD ticker symbol was accurate. However, as of 2021, there have been some changes in how Yahoo Finance displays this information.

Currently, in the Yahoo Finance Android app, users can still track the Gold price using the XAUUSD ticker symbol. The app has been updated to provide more comprehensive data on Gold and other precious metals. Moreover, the 2024 version of the app offers enhanced features for Gold investors, such as real-time price updates and customizable alerts.

One notable change is the integration of Google data into the Yahoo Finance app, allowing users to access a wider range of financial information in one place. This integration has made it easier for investors to track Gold prices alongside other market data.

If users encounter any issues with viewing the Gold ounce price in USD on the Yahoo Finance Android app, it is recommended to check for app updates and ensure that the XAUUSD ticker symbol is still being used for Gold. Additionally, exploring the app’s settings for personalization options can help tailor the Gold tracking experience to individual preferences.

In conclusion, while the process of selecting the Gold ounce price in the Yahoo Finance Android app remains similar to that of 2011, 2021 and 2024 have brought about improvements in data accuracy and user experience. Investors can continue to rely on the Yahoo Finance app for up-to-date Gold price information and market insights.

Remember to stay informed about any further updates or changes in the Yahoo Finance app to make the most of your Gold investment strategies in 2024 and beyond.